Ohio State Keychains

Ohio State Buckeyes Dog Tag Keychain

Always be prepared for an impromptu tailgate party or Buckeyes victory celebration with this silvertone dog tag bottle opener keychain. It measures 3.5″ x 1.25″ and features a school logo with three team-colored stripes printed on one side!



$ 5.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Safety Clip Lanyard

You take in every opportunity you can to show off your OSU pride. Wear your spirit around your neck and attach it to your keys with this lanyard! It features a woven construction with repeated Ohio State Buckeyes graphics. It also provides you with a metal lobster claw clasp and a plastic buckle closure that can easily be unfastened in case of an emergency. Safety comes first ?€” alongside your Bucks of course.



$ 5.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Silvertone Bottle Opener Keychain

Crack open a cold one for your Buckeyes with this bottle opener keychain! Featuring a domed school logo and a clasp for instant access this keychain will keep you prepared for an impromptu team-spirited party no matter where you are.



$ 8.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Football Spinner Keychain

Throw your foes for a loop when you add this Bucks Football Spinner keychain to your keys! This silvertone accessory features a football-shaped charm with a spinner in the center that?€™s etched with a team logo for the perfect amount of OSU-spirited pizzazz. Just wait until the competition gets a load of your flashy pride?€”they?€™ll be seeing nothin?€™ but stars!



$ 8.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Silvertone Heart Keychain

Lay your love for the Buckeyes on the line with this silvertone heart keychain featuring vibrant team graphics and thick roping around the edges! It has both a keyring and a quick-remove clasp for versatility and ease.



$ 6.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Scarlet Valet Keychain

Eliminate worry over leaving your keys with the valet with this team-spirited valet keychain! This sleek silvertone keychain features etched graphics on a vibrant team color inlay for a touch of classy Buckeyes style. Plus the top loop has a quick release feature so you’ll never fumble with your keys at the valet stand again.



$ 9.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Key Bottle Opener Keychain

This key-shaped bottle opener keychain is the key to any Buckeyes fan’s heart!



$ 4.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Holographic Domed Logo Keychain

Yes this is a keychain decked out with a holographic Ohio State logo but it?€™s not just for keys. You can put it on a backpack hang it off your belt display it in your OSU collection or hang it anywhere that you?€™re itching for another dose of Buckeyes spirit. The enamel domed logo is set into a durable silvertone metal body that?€™ll withstand a few dings and scrapes. What else could you ask for in such a tiny package?



$ 5.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Sparkle Lanyard – Scarlet

Your Buckeyes pride goes way beyond game day! You?€™ll find any excuse to sport that scarlet and gray any day of the week. Boast that same game day spirit in eye-popping style with this Sparkle lanyard! It features screen print Ohio State wordmarks with glitter accents and a detachable buckle to remove your keys with lightning speed. Use it every day and brag about your Ohio State Buckeyes any chance you get!



$ 13.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes LED Eco Light Keychain

Your Buckeyes pride is already lighting the way for a lifetime of rowdy games and countless sports-themed events. Now you never have to fumble in the darkness again for your keys when you attach them to this LED Eco Light keychain. It features a colorful acrylic team logo two bright LED lights and a turning handle that revs up your battery life. Just be careful not to get too carried away and wind for hours ?€” a simple two minutes will give you five additional minutes of pure LED light and a powerful boost of Ohio State spirit.



$ 9.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Ladies Round Crystal Keychain

Ladies let your Buckeyes spirit shine wherever you go when you attach your keys to this Round Crystal keychain featuring an acrylic team logo inlay surrounded by fashionable rhinestone accents!



$ 11.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Scarlet Team Logo Lanyard

You can attach your ID badge whistle or keep track of your keys while rooting for your favorite team with this functional lanyard featuring team logo stitching print!



$ 9.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Light-Up Projection Keychain

Whether you?€™re at a tailgate party or just relaxing at home your Buckeyes spirit is just a click away with this Light-Up Projection Keychain! When the button on this keychain is pressed a team logo is projected from the top onto any surface for a fun way to show off your team pride in any setting.



$ 6.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Embroidered Key Chain

You love to boast your Buckeyes pride everyday. Keep your favorite team close to you with this OSU embroidered key chain. This team-spirited key chain features the Buckeyes logo embroidered on both sides for a double dose of team swag. Displaying your team love just got a whole lot easier!



$ 4.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Key Biter

Ladies you’ll never have to go digging through your purse again to find your keys with this ingenious key biter! The team logo biter stays firmly attached to your purse while your keys stay safely clipped inside – just slide the ring off the lower clip for easy access! This key biter is not only convenient it’s also an important safety measure to make sure you’re not fumbling for your keys in a dark parking lot!



$ 15.95