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Riddell Ohio State Buckeyes Authentic Pro Combat Football Helmet

Relive the Buckeyes?€™ victory over their longtime rivals the Wisconsin Badgers with this Authentic football helmet from Riddell! Designed specifically for the Buckeyes?€™ October 29th 2011 game against the Badgers these limited edition helmets pay tribute to the undefeated 1961 OSU football team. This helmet mimics the ones worn on-field by your favorite Buckeyes so make sure you get yours before other die-hard Ohio State fans snatch them up for their own collection!



$ 379.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 15” x 20” Unframed Blimp Stadium Print

You take pride in your fan cave labeling it your very own mini OSU. From Ohio State-inspired plastic cups to actual replica helmets you have it all. In fact if an item is not somehow related to your Bucks it simply does not belong in your living environment. A great way to adorn your precious cave would be by framing this high-quality 15?€ x 20?€ photo print of Ohio Stadium on your wall. This masterpiece displays an aerial view of a stadium jam-packed with die-hard fanatics like you!



$ 49.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Tim Wolfe Collectible Team Logo Statue

Heralded as one of the most talented wildlife artists Tim Wolfe?€™s remarkable understanding and knowledge of both animal and human anatomy combined with an extraordinary artistic talent has led him to international recognition for his sculptures. Boldly display your Buckeyes pride with this impressive collectible team logo statue designed by Tim Wolfe. Featuring the Ohio State logo meticulously etched in rock this statue is sure to leave an unforgettable impression and get you fired up every time you look at it. Measures at approximately 8.5?€ x 9?€.



$ 139.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Small Logo Figurine

Carve out a space in your home or office for a piece of Ohio State tradition with this small logo figurine. Sculpted with care and hand-painted with meticulous detail this 5″ x 5″ resin figurine makes the perfect addition to any existing Buckeyes collection!



$ 16.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Large Logo Figurine

Carve out a space in your home or office for a piece of Ohio State tradition with this large Logo figurine. Sculpted with care and hand-painted with meticulous detail this 9″ x 8.5″ resin figurine makes the perfect addition to any existing Buckeyes collection!



$ 54.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Small Brutus Mascot Figurine

Carve out a space in your home or office for a piece of Ohio State tradition with this small Brutus mascot figurine. Sculpted with care and hand-painted with meticulous detail this 2″ x 5″ resin figurine makes the perfect addition to any Buckeyes collection!



$ 14.95 

Nike Ohio State Buckeyes 12” Official NCAA Autograph Football

The Nike official NCAA Autograph Football is ideal for beginning an autograph collection! The football has three smooth white panels designed for autographs and features the official team logo.



$ 34.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 10” x 18” Legacy Framed Print

In the world of college football players are made into legends. The Ohio State University produces some of the most phenomenal athletes. Commemorate the 7-time National Champions with this Legacy framed print. This illustration of OSU?€™s crowning achievements features an image of a Buckeyes helmet the team logo and the years that Ohio State clinched their wins. You can place this honorable framed print anywhere and declare your Buckeyes allegiance with pride.



$ 69.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 9” x 9” Wooden Champions Sign

Make your fellow Ohio State fans feel right at home when you spruce up your fan cave or living room with this wooden Champions sign! This durable handmade sign features vibrant applied team graphics ?€” including the team logo and university establishment date along with the school and team name. It also comes with a sturdy decorative metal hanger so you can easily touch up any drab space with this piece of winning decor!



$ 9.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 8″ x 24″ Framed Letter Art

Feel like you’re back on campus when you hang this 8″ x 24″ framed letter art in your home or office. It features “Ohio State” spelled out with each letter representing a part of the campus making it the perfect piece for any OSU alum or fan.



$ 49.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 8-Pack 4″ x 9″ Scarlet Mini Pennant Set

The best part about going to college is getting to support your school team! You are excited to join other fans who go wild for the Buckeyes. Show off your Ohio State spirit in the dorms or at home with this Mini Pennant set. This set includes 8 pennants with an OSU team logo so you can decorate and display Buckeyes love anywhere you go!



$ 8.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 8.5” x 11” Plastic Wall Sign

You?€™ve got this little habit of letting everyone know that you?€™re a huge Buckeyes fan. You seem to be altering every environment around you slowly turning it into an OSU enthusiast?€™s typical habitat. Well now it?€™s time to spruce up your office or fan cave with this 8.5?€ x 11?€ plastic sign and mark your territory! Featuring Bucks graphics a team logo and a team name this sign will easily get your message across to anyone that enters your domain.



$ 6.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 12?€ x 18?€ Reserved Parking Sign – Scarlet

You?€™re an Ohio State faithful who decks out your belongings in Buckeyes apparel. Nothing that you own goes untouched – even your car dons Ohio State flags and banners. Make sure your fan mobile has its own team-spirited parking space with this Reserved Parking sign. It measures 12?€ x 18?€ and features a large team logo with ?€œBuckeyes Fans Only?€ lettering underneath. Anyone would agree that someone who shows off that much OSU spirit deserves their very own team-inspired parking space.



$ 9.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 1969 Rose Bowl Game DVD

Now enjoy the 1969 Rose Bowl in its entirety with this 136 minute commemorative DVD. Watch as your Buckeyes defeat O.J. Simpson and the USC Trojans to claim the 1968 National Championship title.



$ 24.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 8.5” x 11” Metal Reserved Parking Sign

It doesn?€™t matter if the person is a celebrity a super wealthy CEO or even the president of a nation?€”if they?€™re not a Bucks fan then they can?€™t park in your spot. To be an OSU fan one has to earn his or her stripes. No amount of money can buy that privilege. It can only be earned through die-hard fanaticism. Let everyone know that your parking area is limited only to Buckeyes fans with this 8.5?€ x 11?€ metal sign. Featuring team graphics a team logo and raised ?€œReserved Parking?€ lettering this sign will easily get your message across to anyone that decides to leave their vehicle on your premises.



$ 9.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 2-Tier Lapel Pin

All the years of hard work in school paid off ?€“ you?€™re living the life you always dreamed of while attending OSU. Being proud of your alma mater is very easy; you just wish you had more opportunities to show it. Get dressed for a fancy reception and display your Buckeyes spirit with this two tier lapel pin! The pin displays the school wordmark and logo proudly. With the pin?€™s vibrant graphics and team colors on your lapel everybody will know how happy you are to be an Ohio State grad!



$ 5.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 14.5” x 17” 4 Photo Collage Picture Frame

Ohio State University is a place of legend. In addition to producing some of the world?€™s brightest minds and greatest athletes OSU leaves a lasting impression on everyone. Share that OSU atmosphere with your friends and colleagues by decorating your fan cave or office with this marvelous 14.5?€ x 17?€ photo collage. Double-matted and framed this masterpiece displays four 4?€ x 6?€ Bucks-spirited photos school stats and the lyrics to the school?€™s fight song around a vibrant team logo!



$ 54.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes Script Ohio 18″ x 22″ Framed Tradition Poster

The only thing more famous than the Ohio State University football team is the Ohio State Marching Band. At every home game for 75 years they have played while spelling out ?€œOhio?€ with a celebrity or special guest dotting the “I”. Own a part of their 75th anniversary with this 18?€ x 22?€ framed poster of the band performing their signature move. The poster features the Ohio State logo and wordmark a picture of the band and a short history of the legendary marching band. This collectible would be a great gift for that special OSU fan in your life!



$ 90.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 13.5” x 40” Panoramic Print

Proudly display your Ohio State basketball pride with this 13.5″ x 40″ panoramic photograph of Jerome Schottenstein Center! This high-quality print features a panoramic view of a packed arena during a game while the caption below the print includes a brief overview and history of the arena and the Buckeyes basketball program.



$ 29.95 

Ohio State Buckeyes 5” x 20” Wooden Fence Sign

You?€™ve gone above and beyond to make sure your Buckeyes pride is well-known so why stop now? Add a little rustic feel to your Ohio State decor and collection with this wooden sign! It?€™s made out of lightweight wood and is slightly brushed with a light paint to give it that worn-in country look. It also features wood applique team graphics along with a team logo and a team name along the bottom. This unique sign includes a distressed rope for easy display and a die-hard expression of Buckeyes spirit with a shabby-chic twist!



$ 17.95